#STAYHOMEWITHORBIS Survival Kit: Beauty and Health Edition

  28-Apr-2020 0

Did you realise that your skin look and feel better after days of #StayHome? Some reasons could include: 

  • No makeup: pores can breathe!
  • Lesser stress and more rest: skin heals better!
  • Lesser aircon: more moisture! 
  • Lesser exposure under the sun: fairer! 
  • Reduced air pollution: stronger barrier function! 
That aside, there are still some beauty and health essentials that you should not skip even when you’re staying in!

Think that you are well-protected from the sun because you are staying indoors? While UVB rays which cause tanning of skin can be blocked by glass windows, UVA rays can still penetrate glass windows and damage skin collagen. It can also cause pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging skin and other premature ageing signs .

Apply sunscreen after your moisturiser to protect your skin from harmful UVA rays. Try Sunscreen on Face that protects skin against UVA and UVB Rays, Near Infrared Rays and Air Pollutants by forming a moisture-rich veil. These two sunscreens are also formulated with 80% Beauty Serum to keep skin moist and reduce sun damage. 

Feeling lazy? Use a tintless moisturiser such as ORBIS U Day Essence with SPF 25 PA++  to protect skin from UVA and UVB Rays, Near Infrared Rays and Air Pollutants, while maintaining an all-day plump, radiant and hydrated complexion. Featuring Resilience Protection Enhancer derived from Gardenia Extract, ORBIS U Day Essence helps to strengthen bonds between cells, preventing moisture loss and damaging stimuli from entering skin's deeper layers.

Find yourself doing dishwashing thrice a day? Your hands may feel dry and wrinkled with long hours of exposure to water and chemicals. Maintain skin hydration for up to 24 hours with the first ever Japan government approved oral skin care, ORBIS DEFENCERA. This awarding-winning oral skin care is formulated with highly-purified and extremely rare DF-Ceramides extracted from brown rice.

What it does is not to supplement ceramides for the skin but to send out signals to the entire body (not just the face!) to produce more ceramides. These newly created ceramides then fill up the gaps between skin cells, building a three-layer barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. Just one pack per day, you can now prevent moisture from escaping skin daily – anytime, anywhere.

Are you feeling sluggish due to the reduction in activities by staying at home all day? Give your body's fat burning factories and blood circulation a helping hand with one of our best-selling diet supplements, Super Aronia EX. Made from superfruit Aronia known for its antioxidant and heat-producing properties and Olive Leaf Extract, Super Aronia EX helps to boost metabolism and fat breakdown function.

*ORBIS recommends a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for effective weight management.

Opening the refrigerator to reach for a snack countless times in a day? Slim Keep is your diet buddy that helps to prevent absorption of unwanted calories from food rich in carbohydrates, sugar and fats. This action helps to suppress blood-sugar levels and blood triglyceride levels so you’ll stay fuller longer with reduced appetite.

*ORBIS recommends a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for effective weight management.

Getting minimal sunlight from your cave? Supplement your body with a slight boost of Vitamin D, plus Calcium for healthy bones and teeth with Nutrition Piece Calcium & Vitamin D

WFH may sound fun. However, it could also mean no proper knock-off time and you may end up spending more time working on your device. Give yours eyes some much-need care with Blueberry Extract packed with Anthocyanin and Lutein. 

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