Staying sane at home: a list of positive things to do

  28-Apr-2020 0

We are now a few weeks into “circuit breaker” - the essential measure to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Home offices are no stranger to us, we cannot meet up with our friends to visit the newly-opened cafe nor take any instaworthy #OOTDs at this moment. 

Our day-to-day routines have certainly been turned on their heads, but fret not, there are several ways to entertain yourself and your loved ones at home, while keeping your mental health in check.

Scroll down for our guide on how to stay sane at home.  #StayHomeWithORBIS


We may not be able to control or expect what is going to happen now, but we can always look at the brighter side of the situation. Most of us have been busy with school or work, so when is a better time than now to take a step back and appreciate the people, things and most importantly, ourselves, that we may have overlooked when we were too busy.

There are many advantages of staying at home such as:

  • Finally getting your much-needed rest after years of hectic lifestyle
  • Sleeping in for another hour or two on weekdays for improved energy level and better skin
  • Making your own happy, healthy lunch and dinner 
  • Spending more quality time with your family and pets to foster better bonding


Staying indoors 24/7 and working from home may get a little stuffy after a while. Stand up from your desk / couch / bed and stretch at least once every hour or walk around the house to release your tense muscle. Head to the window side for some fresh ‘outdoor’ air while looking into the distance to relax your eyes from fixating on the computer. 

You may also engage in some simple indoor exercises such as HIIT, pilates, yoga or simple exercises to keep your body moving and tone up during this period.


What was your daily routine before WFH? Was it starting your day with a cup of aromatic coffee, having lunch at 1pm, and finishing your day with a foot bath? Stick to your usual routine as much as possible. We’ll be able to return to our usual lifestyle as long as we remain positive and practise social responsibility. #stayhomeforSG

One thing you should not be slipshod about or give a discount to is your usual skincare routine. Do not neglect applying skincare and sunscreen thinking that it is a waste since you are not heading out. Take this as an opportunity to improve your skin’s health and quality since you have some luxury and time in your hands.

Some skincare routine steps that you should not neglect even when you’re at home includes:


Other than your usual morning and night skincare routine that includes wash, lotion and moisturiser, add in the newly launched ORBIS U Serum and ORBIS U Day Essence to your ORBIS U Series

ORBIS U Serum maximises skin's potential moisture level and circulation, leaving long-lasting moist, plump skin while improving subsequent skincare product’s efficacy.

ORBIS U Day Essence is a day moisturiser that impedes mid-day dullness and fine lines with a SPF 25/ PA++ protection against UV rays, near infrared rays and air pollution.


Since UVA rays can still penetrate window glass and damage skin, applying sunscreen when you WFH is still a must! 

Sunscreen on Face Light (lightweight texture) and Sunscreen on Face Moist (creamy texture) are tinted sunscreens that provides an ultimate TRIPLE THREAT PROTECTION against UVA and UVB Rays, Near Infrared Rays and Air Pollutants by forming a moisture-rich veil. They are ultra-lightweight and as comfortable as wearing PJs at home!


Staying home doesn't mean that skin dryness concerns will not come knocking on your door. Keep skin hydrated 24/7 with the first-ever oral skin care approved by the Japanese government, ORBIS DEFENCERA! This award-winning Oral Skin Care is recognised  for its safety and effectiveness in preventing moisture from escaping the skin. Suitable for people experiencing dryness, not just on the face but also the rest of the body.


Staying home doesn't mean
 more spare time to do things that you’ve always wanted to try or even pick up a new hobby. While learning and picking up new skills, it could make time pass faster and foster family bonding as well! Leave the house chores to a helper and enjoy some new hobbies. 


We know the agony of not being able to shop and discover the latest fashion trends, technology and skincare launches. 

The good news is that ORBIS is still available online! Be it window shopping, trying a new skincare or replenishing your stocks, have them safely delivered to your doorstep to curb your shopping-craving! 

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